Dosha® Bar wants good people everywhere to be more mindful of what's in our food.  The below ingredients are found in other popular bars but NOT in Dosha® Bar.  Maybe these items are normal to lab and food scientists but we prefer to use "real" ingredients, closer to nature.  In no particular order, here's our running list of ingredients that we would rather live without.  Are you sure they aren't listed on your favorite bar?  

  1. Inulin (we'd rather get it from "real" food like asparagus, onions, or garlic)

  2. Vegetable Glycerin

  3. Agar

  4. Oat Syrup Solids (yummm??  not to us)

  5. Natural flavor (yep, that's all it says so what is this??)

  6. Juice concentrates (we prefer to put the actual fruit in, not a concentrated juice)

  7. Pea crisps (pea protein and pea flour)

  8. Pectin

  9. Beef albumin

  10. Isomalto-oligosaccharide

  11. Rice dextrins

  12. Citric acid

  13. Sodium citrate

  14. Red cabbage extract for color (no, this wasn't "cabbage flavored" and there was no actual cabbage in it)

  15. Citrus fiber

  16. Baking soda

  17. Chicory Extract

  18. Powders (of various kinds)

  19. Expeller pressed canola oil

  20. Natural tocopherols

  21. Ascorbic acid

  22. Arabic gum

  23. Guar gum

  24. Fractionated palm kernel oil

  25. Maltodextrin

  26. Calcium phosphate

  27. Sunflower lecithin

  28. Soy lecithin

  29. Rice syrup solids

  30. Sucralose

  31. Alpha-tocopherol acetate

  32. Thiamine hydrochloride

  33. Niacinamide

  34. Calcium pantothenate

  35. Pyridoxine hydrochloride

Were you surprised by something listed in your bar's ingredient listing?  E-mail us and let us know!