About Ayurveda

Dosha® Bar is inspired by Ayurveda, which is Sanskrit for "science" or "knowledge" of life.  Originating in India over 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda's ancient wisdom formed the basis for much of Indian culture and civilization.   

Ayurveda believes that everyone is born perfect with our own true nature:  A unique mix of the three doshas ("mind-body types" of vata, pitta, and kapha) that never changes.  Depending on your combination, different activities, diets, and behaviors can be more balancing or aggravating to you.  

Offering us age-old guidance, Ayurveda helps us understand which diets, activities, and behaviors will balance our true nature (versus those that may aggravate our true nature).  For example, a given exercise type might make Sara more aggravated but make Vanessa more balanced.  Ayurveda can also teach us which foods and ingredients might balance Barry but aggravate Michael and so on.  Furthermore, some things are good for some people at certain times or seasons of the year but not optimal at other times.