4 Easy ways to incorporate Ayurveda into your routine

Do you know what Ayurveda is? Let’s start with the basics. Ayurveda is a revered wellness system meaning “knowledge of life,” an ancient philosophy that has been practiced in India and around the world for more than 5,000 years. Ayurveda helps us find beneficial connections between ourselves and nature, inorderto achieve better balance in all aspects of our lives- mind, body, and spirit. 

 The Dosha® brand is inspired by Ayurveda and its underlying concept of the 3 mind-body types called “doshas.” Each one of our flavors is inspired to balance one of these 3 doshas!

 Ayurveda believes we are all born perfect, in balance with our true nature. We can use the Ayurveda framework to better understand ourselves and increase your awareness of our unique needs, which will allow us to better listen to our body and understand what will help us feel balanced. With that understanding we can start to give ourselves more of what we need, and build a routine that works for us.

 Here are 4 basic and easy ways to help us feel better and more balanced:

  1. Start by learning your dominant dosha

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the 3 doshas. Most of us have a mix of all 3 doshas but usually we are most dominant in one more than the others. When we are out of balance with our true nature, we can feel physically and emotionally stressed.

 A great first step is to take our short quiz and find your dominant dosha, and get life balance tips and more specific information about your mind and body type. https://doshabar.com/pages/whats-your-dosha

In addition to learning about your dominant dosha, it’s also useful to learn how the doshas change with the seasons and times of the day change.









Time of day

2-6 am/pm

10-2 am/pm

6-10 am/pm


Dry, light, cold, mobile, rough

Hot, wet, heavy, Sharp, oily, liquid, subtle, clear

Cold, dense, stable, slow, soft, oily, cloudy, heavy, smooth, gross

 If you want to learn more about the doshas, we recommend these “intro to Ayurveda” books:



2. Move your body and connect with nature daily

Connecting with nature is really important for your mental health and what better time to do it than in the morning. How you start your day is very important as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Breathing fresh air, being around nature, hearing the peaceful and natural sounds of the outdoors, and stretching your body promotes positive feelings. Make this a priority! If you only have a few minutes, just do something: You can stick your head out of the window, go out and take a deep breath outside, or just stare up to the sky when you are on your way to the subway or even before opening the car door for your commute to work. These small changes will help you connect with nature, feel calm and nourish the senses.

Not only does connecting with nature help with your mental and physical health, but moving your body is also important. Ayurveda teaches us that what happens in the physical body is reflected in the mind and spirit, and vice versa. Find a physical activity that you enjoy. Every opportunity that you have to move your body will be highly beneficial. Take a walk, hike, go to your favorite spinning, yoga, or dance class. Anything that involves movement and taking care of yourself will help. Moving your body supports natural detoxification, giving us the opportunity to wake up our bodies and move them to feel good. This is why Ayurveda encourages to exercise between 6-10 am when we are full of energy and ready to start the day.

For more inspiration on how to return to our essential nature and get inspired to reconnect we recommend to read:  

  1. Eating according to Ayurveda

Now let’s introduce some new concepts: Rasas (tastes) and qualities. In Ayurveda there are 6 rasas and 20 qualities that help you understand what foods to include depending on your dosha, and as we said before, the time of day and the season. For example, eating chili and a hot cup of coffee in mid-July in the northern hemisphere wouldn’t be the smartest choice because the weather has these qualities and you want to counter balance them, not overdose on them. However, this meal would be more suitable in vata season such as the cool, dry and light month of January.

 Ayurveda recommends including all six rasas or tastes in every meal to help you maintain a balanced nutrition and good health. However, if we feel out of balance, it’s important to eat specific tastes to balance your dosha. For example, a vata person out of balance can eat sweet, sour, and salty foods to decrease the vata and feel more at peace. That’s why each one of our Dosha bars is made with the combination of tastes that are meant to balance each dosha.






Sweet, sour, salty

Sweet, bitter, astringent

Pungent, bitter, astringent

 For more information about how to eat accordingly to your dosha, and find some inspiring recipes, check out these books:

  1. Sleep is foundation for good health

Sufficient sleep can help you in so many ways! Sleeping gives you energy, promotes good mood, and has uncountable health benefits. A good night’s sleep enables us to function correctly, feel strong and energized and ready to start the day.

Ayurveda believes that you should get approximately 8 hours of sleep, but that doesn’t mean you get to choose from when to when! The best option is to follow nature’s timing: Eat an early 6-7 pm dinner, allow digestion before bedtime at or before 10 pm, andwake up with the sun (at around 6:00 am).

Contrast this evening with a later end and later start to your day. If you struggle going to bed early, start to slow your day around 6 pm to give your body and mind the sundown as a signal that it’s almost bed time: Have an early dinner, do some oil self-massage to melt away tension and stress, light a candle, or diffuse one of your favorite essential oils! Create a night-time routine to get the best quality sleep, which will help rejuvenate your mind and body, enhance the ojas (essential energy between mind, body and inner self) and help improve digestion.

Some amazing oils for self-massage that have a combination of the five elements to balance the doshas are:

Inertia is real, most of us are always “too busy” for a 30-minute workout and for a fresh walk outside. We choose to eat processed foods because it is “easier” than cooking a wholesome meal, and we use electricity and social media at night instead of having a calming and peaceful evening. But we need to fight that mentality, stop making excuses and start implementing changes to reconnect with our natural rhythms. And don’t forget, all changes are difficult at first. But if you believe in yourself, are willing to accept one change at a time and put effort in trying to incorporate them, then you are going to understand how you can benefit by incorporating some of these ideas into your routine!

 Let us know in the comments what you implement to your lifestyle and if it helps you!




























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